About the project

Singular is a hybrid video game, composed of both a printed game board and an iPad application. The two operate together by the process of augmented reality, in order to implement a game experience that takes place in both the real and the virtual. The technical side has been handled by Ferdinand Dervieux.

 The story

The story takes place in the near future, a future where we have reached technological Singularity. For the first time, man is able to create computers surpassing him by far in intelligence, themselves capable of creating even more powerful machines. Some of these supercomputers are beginning to explore the notion of play, and invent a whole new sensory experience in which man is no longer the designer, but a piece of the puzzle.

What awaits you

In Singular, the player is a person of the future, having decided to experiment a game experience proposed by a computer known as « Alpha ». He finds himself parachuted into a strange and disturbing world, without knowing where he is, nor how and why he got there. The goal is then to successfully get out of this hostile world and overcome the various puzzles scattered throughout the story.

You’re now known as the Lookout.

Current game footage