Not another cycling app

Creative Direction
Client: W3Ride

W3Ride is a web2.5 app that aims to keep you motivated, and rewards you for your physical activities IRL. It's a mix between pokemon Go and Sweatcoin, encapsulated in the bike world.

During 2 years, I have been in charge of the creative direction of the brand. While there are many things to show, I focus here on the 3D collection itself, the most challenging part of this adventure.

W3Ride app

It all started with
a collection of bikes

The idea was to create a collection of tradable bike cards to be later used in a game. Each bike (card) would have its own unique combination of elements, that would assign a rarity, an overall skill score, and a unique look. Everything randomized thanks to a proprietary code.

Motion design: Thomas & Romain Pomarelle
Music: Buddy Audio

We created bikes. A lot of bikes.


8088 bikes. All unique.

To ensure that no two bikes look the same, I created a more than a hundred unique bike parts, along with dozens of different textures. With a trillion of possibilities and only 8088 bikes selected, the unique process of creation ensures that no two bikes are the same. 

And for the rarest of them (top tier), I manually crafted custom pieces to make them stand out even more.

Technical side: Céline Menard & Romain Pomarelle


But a bike would be nothing without its rider. 

8088 Riders

Once deep into the bike collection, we thought it would be very cool that each of them come with its associated rider. That's how we started creating 8088 avatars (one for each bike) on top of that.

Motion design: Romain Pomarelle

7091 bike gold and black
5019 ABHS
0436 SANTA

And the beauty of it? Bikes and riders match.


A matching pair

The riders have been designed to mirror the bike collection. If the numbers are the same, it’s a matching pair. You like your bike? Well, then there’s a good chance that you’ll like your avatar as well.

Soho Rider
06 (7091)
Sakura bike
Ikea Rider
Ikea bike
Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince bike
Yummi bike
Polygon rider

→ Design

→ Art Direction

→ Motion Design


French designer based in Amsterdam. 10+ years experience crafting high-end visuals. Former Creative Director at W3Ride. Worked with Chanel, MoonPay, Amazon, and more.